Summer Sale!

Hey everyone! 
With summer around the corner we figured a coupon would be a good GREAT idea to show our enthusiasm!I don't know about where you are but BRRRRR it is cold today in North Myrtle Beach, SC! Cold and windy. These are the kind of days that those of us that are "team summer" dread. 

Regardless of the weather tho our team actually enjoyed sitting inside with our warm coffees setting up this special, making the ads, and even posting this blog for you! We truly strive to be able to give our guests what they would call their ideal vacation experience, which we know is different for everyone, but who doesn't like discounts... no ones complaining here we just know it. This is our first special since our company has started so I think we are all excited to see how it goes, hopefully the price drop excites you too! 

So here's the details: this offer is ending March 31, so make sure to act fast because the coupon code SUMMER21 will take off $500 when you book your summer reservation online. This code applies to any unit. There really is not many rules to it other than it can only be applied to a reservation between 6/01 and 8/31 and MUST be made before March 31. 

Well that's about everything for our update, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. We are excited for your summer vacation! 

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