Finding Ababor

Getting Here

Getting to Ababor

The following information will help you get to Vieques, get to Ababor Suites.

Ababor Suites is located on the northern coast of Vieques. Google maps will locate “Ababor Suites, Vieques, Puerto Rico” or GPS is 18.158684, -65.423931

There are two ways to get to Vieques, Ferry or Plane.

PLANE - You can take a 25 min flight to Vieques from San Juan International Airport for about $188 round trip. 

You can also fly to Vieques from San Juan Isla Grande airport for about $150 round trip. A Taxi to San Juan Isla Grande from the San Juan International airport is about $20. You can save a couple of bucks going this way if there are two or more people traveling.

Note: If you search online for a flight from your location directly to Vieques (in services like Expedia and Travelocity), you will pay the highest $$ for the convenience of flying out of San Juan International. Other, cheaper choices are available if you select a flight from your location to SJU (San Juan International) and then book a flight from San Juan Isla Grande or Ceiba. 

A flight from Ceiba to Vieques takes 10 minutes at $36 per person one way.

Vieques Air Link has the most flights departing from Vieques.

  • Vieques      (787) 741-8331
  • San Juan      (787) 722-3736
  • Toll free      1-888-901-9247
  • Fajardo      (787) 863-3020

SEABORNE AIRLINES - Daily flights to Vieques from San Juan. English: 1-866-FLY-USVI (866-359-8784) Spanish: 1-877-772-1005

From the Vieques Airport (VQS) to Ababor, it is only 5.1 miles (8.3 km), or about 15 minutes by car.

FERRY - For the Ferry, you will need to get from the San Juan Airport to Fajardo. A taxi will cost about $90 for up to 5 people, and extra passengers pay $10 each. When you get to the airport at San Juan, check with Ground Transportation Dispatchers and get the actual fee in a receipt. The taxis at the airport are called Taxis Turisticos and their rates are fixed when travelling to/from the International Airport. Prices are subject to change.

The Ferry Leaves the Fajardo port several times a day, but their schedule varies, so be sure to check the schedule. The ride takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and on weekends can be quit full. Be sure to arrive at the port at least 1 hour prior to departure time. The cost is very reasonable at $2 per person. 

From the Ferry dock in downtown Isabel to Ababor, it is only 1.3 miles (2.2 km), or about 5 minutes by car.

Ababor Suites is located on Playa Bastimento beach. The entrance to this building is from the main Road 200. Keep going on the main road after you see the Ababor Suites Pl side street to the house pictured below with the rolling gate.

Ababor Suites does not have shuttle service but there are taxis (carros publicos) available at the airport, and at the ferry around the times the boats are expected to arrive. Other than that you have to call them and the minimum charge for call-ins is $10 one way or $3/person whichever is more.

There is a metal gate that you have to slide to the side to get in. It is never locked, but we ask you to please keep it closed. We do love the horses that roam freely on the Island, but they will destroy the fruit trees and other plants if they get in the yard.

Park in the large cement parking area and close the gate.

Caracas and Navio suites are both downstairs and the entrance on the ocean side and the Villa is upstairs.

This is the entrance and parking to the Villa, Navio, and Caracas Suites the gate is unlocked just roll it open

Then please re-close the gate after you enter, as it keeps the wild horses out.

Road View of Ababor Suites. Welcome!