Beach Weddings on the majestic North Shore of Kauai.

Hanalei Beach is enveloped by majestic mountains that frame the crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay and stretch high into the clouds. Directly off the beach, Hanalei Pier reaches out into the bay and ends under a covered pavilion with 360-degree views of the bay. The most picturesque view is the view of the mountains and bay from the end of the pier, making this a perfect spot for your ceremony. 

Makua Beach, also known as Tunnels Beach, has beautiful blue water surrounded by a gigantic reef. Makua is a top wedding location because the mountains are closer to the beach, forming a grand green backdrop that complements the crystal blue waters. 

Lumahai Beach, just down the street from Tunnels, is full of lava rock, with some rocks rising as high as small cliffs. The mass of black lava rock rising out of Kauai’s bluest water forms a stunning geographical setting for a beach wedding. 

Anini Beach is a narrow beach lined by shade trees on one side and ocean on the other, and its calm waters lend a more a serene setting. There are cliffs protruding into the ocean in the distance, and atop one sits the Kilauea Lighthouse. 

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