4 great seafood restaurants in Bodega Bay where you can bring your dog

Is there anything better than going for a walk on the beach with your dog, eating some delicious seafood, then heading home to sit by the fire as you watch the sunset?

Bodega Bay must be one of the most beautiful places to stay and of course has some of the tastiest seafood available.

My English Bulldog, Lulu, loves coming to the beach with me and my family even though she may not quite have the stamina that she used to as a puppy.

During the afternoon we stroll down a nearby secret trail to one of Bodega’s beaches. Never overcrowded, Lulu usually runs off the leash most of the way. 

Having built up an appetite we often stop by at one of our four favorite restaurants on the way home.

Whether it’s the amazing steamed mussels in white wine with crispy pancetta at Lucas Wharf, or the classic fish and chips at The Boat House that has the incredible batter - you can bring your dog with you as you take in the sights over the bay.

Going a little further around the bay but still very close to town is Gourmet au Bay, a friendly establishment with a simple but flavorful menu. The fresh oysters are fantastic as well as their flatbread pizzas.

But my all time favorite is the Spud Point Crab Company. The crab sandwich is something you have to try. I’ll leave it at that. No spoilers please. For those of you who might still have room for more, the chowder is a must. This place gets crowded so you have to time it well. I go just after lunch, or when they are closing, which seems to upset them a little bit.

We grab a table in front of the harbor and look out over the ocean and wonder how this ever happened. And what we could have possibly done to deserve this. 

As the evening cools down and the fog rolls in we sleepily make our way home. 

On occasion we’ll spot Robespierre, the local bobcat, stalking something on the local golf course. The majestic pelicans glide overhead leading us to our destination.

The entire sky starts to turn a brilliant orange as the boys grab some firewood from the garage to bring upstairs.

The quiet lull of the fog horn in the distance makes me nod off as Lulu begins her ridiculously loud snoring that only a bulldog can somehow do. And I start to dream about my next crab sandwich that I’ll be eating again, hopefully sometime soon, when I return to this little piece of heaven.

Note to reader: The above restaurants fall within a $30-$50 range for 2 people. There are other great restaurants in Bodega bay that will be covered in a future blog.

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