UPDATE! Dates for 2016 Scallop Season for Mexico Beach

NEW DATES FOR 2016 - August 22, 2016 to September 5, 2016

Grab your snorkel, mask, fins and a mesh bag and go scalloping!  Take the family and have fun snorkeling around and looking for the blue “eyes”  around the outer edge of the scallop’s shell.  When you spot one, it’s really exciting!  Just reach down and scoop it up.  You can scallop for fun and return your catch to repopulate the area or keep your catch for a delicious dinner. UPDATE on regulations for 2016!  The 2016 Scallop Season for St. Joseph Bay will be delayed and shortened to open August 22nd through September 5th.  Please note that scallop season for areas outside of  Gulf County/St. Joseph Bay will be open from June 25th till September 24th.

Recreational scalloping will allow 40 scallops per person and 200 total per vessel. 

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission continues to explore additional measures to collecting and capturing supplementary scallops in cages prior to August 22 to better ensure a successful restoration.

For additional details from FWC on regulations and license requirements, click here.

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