Santa Barbara Activities

Santa Barbara Tours - See Santa Barbara by trolley in 90 minutes. Take a Santa Barbara Safari. Take a tour of Santa Barbara Wine Country.

Wheel Fun Bike Rentals - Enjoy the outdoors - a fleet of unique vehicles offer unparalleled outdoor recreation for sightseeing, people watching and a touch of exercise that will enhance any leisure time experience.

Kayaking - Follow along as we take you on a kayaking tour to visit the sea lions resting on a buoy outside of Santa Barbara Harbor, near the end of Stearns Wharf. Santa Barbara offers guided kayak tours of the harbor, coastal tours, even an all inclusive kayak/hike tour that includes lunch at a secluded resort. See dolphins, sea lions and more!

 Whale Watching - Your guide to exploring the world of Whale Watching in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Horseback Riding - Some of the most spectacular scenery in Santa Barbara county can only be seen by riding into the wilderness on horseback. On a recent Sunday our staff took a ride "back in time" to the old west, just 20 miles north of Santa Barbara.

Surfing - Santa Barbara County has some of the best surfing in all of California. Here we showcase the surf spot that many consider the area's crown jewel: Rincon Point. See the Rincon surfing photo album and web movies of surf action. Includes a complete surfing business directory.

Golfing - The complete guide to Golfing in Santa Barbara, including a photo gallery of each course, tee times, prices, directions and more.

Parks - Do you want to take a picnic? Play some ultimate Frisbee?  Walk the dog? Find out where the parks are, what they offer and which is the best fit for your needs.

Beaches - Our city has an abundance of sand, surf and sun.  Each beach has its own character and offers a variety of amenities.  Before you load up your beach umbrella and take a bath in sunscreen, check out our guide to beaches.

Family Fun - Santa Barbara is a great place for family fun and activities. Here are some highlights of the best places to eat, play and learn in Santa Barbara.

Camping - Would it surprise you that Santa Barbara has some excellent camping and RV facilities?  Would it surprise you that most of it is either near a beach or nestled in a classic California canyon?  

Day Trips - As if there wasn't enough to do right here in Santa Barbara!  However, sometimes you have to get away.  There are a number of Southern California attractions within a two hour (or so) drive from here.  This list will always be expanding, so be sure to check back often!

Tennis - Tennis is a popular, year-round, outdoor affair in Santa Barbara. For general play at any of the public tennis locations, anyone 18 and older must purchase a daily or annual tennis permit, pro-rated throughout the year. Youth under 18 plays for free.

Hikes - Santa Barbara is nestled between the Santa Ynez mountains and the Pacific Ocean and offers some of the most spectular hikes in Southern California.  The trails heads of many of the popular hikes are just minutes from downtown Santa Barbara.

Skater's Point - Skateboarding was banned for years in SB. Not any more! Check out Santa Barbara's premier skateboard park, Skater's Point, at the ocean front near Stearns Wharf.

 Fishing - From Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara to Lake Casitas in Ojai, there are many popular local fishing options. Information about sport fishing and fishing clubs round out this section. 

 Polo - The Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club has their beautiful facilities here in Carpinteria. If you like horses, sports, hockey, basketball or soccer, you stand a good chance of loving Polo. Each Sunday afternoon (except for winter), you can attend a game even if you are not a member of the club. The fans even get involved at half time by going onto the field and stomping divots.

 Discover the Santa Barbara Car Free experience! It’s about enjoying the fresh air and taking the time to savor the experience for a healthier planet - and a healthier you. To inspire your car free experience, more than 100 partners in the community have come together through Santa Barbara Car Free, a cooperative eco-tourism project founded and led by the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District for cleaner air and a healthier planet.