Aloha!  Hundreds and hundreds of people have reached out to me to ask what they can do in support of these fires here on our beautiful island and the absolute devastation these fires have caused.  There is a beautiful local organization that is helping to raise money and purchasing $50 gift cards for Walmart and giving them out to families that need help.  There are a few areas around the island right now where people can pick these up for FREE.  Please consider donating to help these families.  We have an entire community that is displaced and sleeping in their cars or at a shelter, and we also have a community to rebuild!  

Thank you so much for all the heart felt messages and asking how to help.  We are responding as quickly as we can, but please know that we are overwhelmed with messages/calls/texts and are in a triage mode: handling things in order of priority and getting people into housing ASAP!

Here is a link if you wish to donate.

Warmest aloha and SO MUCH LOVE from my heart, and FROM MAUI~

Deb Heart

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