Rental Policy

Please Read Carefully

IT IS IMPORTANT TO READ & AGREE WITH THE FOLLOWING BASIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS PRIOR TO PROCEEDING WITH YOUR RESERVATION REQUEST. Signed rental agreements and refundable damage deposits are required for all reservations. Qualified renters must be 25 years of age or older. Occupancy limits are strictly enforced. Smoking is not permitted inside any rental unit. Pets are prohibited unless SPECIFICALLY allowed for the property rented. Rates: Rates and minimum stays may vary from season to season. WEM Properties LLC. Reserves the right to change quoted rates prior to confirmation and payment of reservation(s). Once a reservation is booked and paid for rates will not change. Applicable registration {booking / cleaning}and non-refundable fees for 3107 Chelan Blvd. are as follow: A non-refundable fee cleaning is $295.00. Check-in / Check-out Procedures: Peak Season: 1 week minimum stay. Check-in time is Monday 5:00 PM or later. Check-out time is Monday, 10:00 AM or earlier. Off Peak Season: 3 night minimum. Check-in time is 5:00 PM or later. Check-out time is 10:00 AM or earlier. Strict adherence is required w/ additional fee(s) applied for failure to comply. With a confirmed booking, registered guests will be provided with complete information regarding arrival & departure procedures. Booking Procedures and Payment Schedule: Reservation requests must be verbally approved by the owner and an email confirmation outlining the reservation fee’s and schedule will be provided once the reservation is complete and paid. Payment arrangements must be made by the same person, in whose name the reservation was made, and whose initials & signature will also be required on the rental agreement. A reservation deposit is required with a credit card, check or money order and a tentative reservation is then listed with WEM Properties LLC.. A rental agreement will be sent by WEM to the listed renter for a signature, which is required before the reservation is considered confirmed and final. The total rental amount is to be paid by check or Credit card and must be received by WEM Properties LLC. on or about ninety (90) days prior to the occupancy date. If a reservation is made less than 90 days prior to the arrival date, then the total rental amount is due at the time of booking ; or with arrangement within one (1) week of the listed booking date. If final payment is not received by the date due, WEM will attempt to contact the listed tenant by which ever correspondence method(s) were provided by the tenant to advise them that payment is past due. If a response regarding final payment is not received by WEM within fourteen (14) days of "notice due", this agreement may be considered canceled by the tenant and WEM will then proceed with the cancellation policy. Cancellation Policy: The security/damage deposit per property is non-refundable if this reservation is canceled. If the reservation is canceled after the rent payment is due and has been paid in full, 80% of the rental amount paid {excluding the security/damage deposit} will be refunded if the property is re-booked. If the property remains vacant for that time period, 50% of the rental amount {excluding the security/ damage deposit} will be refunded. Damage/security refund policy : The damage / security deposit will be refunded promptly {within 14 days} if the property is vacated undamaged and with the inventory intact. Eviction policy : Tenants are subject to immediate eviction and removal from the rental for the following infractions: (1) Smoking inside rental. (2) Pets on the rental property without prior approval written on this agreement. (3) Number of occupants exceeds the number of contracted guests. (4) Complaints of noise, loud music, foul language, or otherwise disturbing of the peace. (5) Use of tent(s), campers, or motor homes on the rental property. The entire amount of rent and security/damage deposit fee will be forfeited if eviction occurs. I HAVE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE ABOVE PROVISIONS AND NOW WISH TO MAKE A RESERVATION.