Things to See & Do

Fun Things to See & Do in Comanche

Antique stores, unique gift/clothing stores, outstanding eateries are located around the square. 

The Soda Shop- is the most recent addition to our square.  It's a step back into the 50's!  Listen for the sounds of the jukebox tunes and you'll know you have arrived!  This is a project of Revitalize Comanche and is run by volunteers after being built with private donations from the community.  

Wonderful Things- is a fun boutique filled with an amazing selection of products..... home decor, kitchen gadgets, dip & soup mixes, baby goods, tween gifts, women's clothing, shoes or handbags.  Another interesting fact is that it's owned and operated by one of the owners of Rest-a-Spell, Sharon McKinnon.  Stop in and say hello.l  She and her staff would love to show you around and help you find something WONDERFUL for you and those you LOVE. 

Brennan Winery - Located on Hwy. 16 south, approximately 1/2 mile south of the square.  Open Thursday-Friday-Saturday.

Comanche County Historical Museum - Fascinating collection of history located about 2 miles west of the square. Open 10-4 Wednesday through Saturday. 

Fleming Oak gives shelter to Old Cora - "Old Cora" is the oldest Log Cabin Courthouse in Texas and is located on the southwest corner of the square.  The Fleming Oak has a rich history and great story to tell.  

Enjoy a walking tour around the square. There are numerous markers that bring to life historical times in Comanche.

A drive through Comanche City Park is not to be missed.  After losing many oak trees to oak wilt disease several years ago, the remaining portions of the trees have been turned into unique art by a chain saw artist. A local non-profit organization, Park Enhancement Group (PEG), has improved the play areas in the park as well as around the swimming pool.  There are pavilions and picnic tables throughout the park just inviting your picnic basket to set up for a fun adventure.  

Don't miss the dinosaur tracks (yes, indeed, dinosaurs lived in this area many years ago).  Revitalize Comanche, Inc. and PEG partnered with elementary school students to fund the life- size figure of the beloved dinosaur "Tracie" (named by a student) for others to enjoy in the park.

The former Train Depot now houses the Comanche Chamber of Commerce.  Here you'll find lots of interesting artifacts as well as friendly Chamber staff.  A couple of times during the day, you will get a front row view of a train that makes a run through town.   Do stop by for a visit.  Located 1/4 mile south of the square on Hwy. 16 (just before you cross the railroad tracks).

Numerous brochures and informative literature available at Rest-a-Spell.