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1. GO DIRECT. Booking directly through our website ( and the websites of other independent owners. This will save you hundreds of dollars because you won't pay Service Fees. Service Fees from VRBO are calculated using some mysterious algorithm that amounts to anywhere from 8%-15% of the rental fee. We recently had a guest who was planning a 10-day stay who was being charged an additional $368 for the rental because of that service fee. Plus, you're paying 12% sales tax on that higher amount. It prices people out of their vacation! SAY NO to that nonsense. 

2. GOOGLE IT.  If you find one of our units on VRBO we always include the property name, like "Dream Catcher" or Paradise Shores Luxury". Search on google for "Dream Catcher" + "Mexico Beach" and our website will show up. It will take you 30 more seconds and you'll save hundreds of dollars you can instead use for your actual vacation. 

3. STAYSAVR.COM If you see a property on VRBO or Airbnb, try using to obtain the contact information for the owner. This site was made by a ticked off owner. This is a browser extension (something you download to your computer) and it will show the phone number of any owner on VRBO/HomeAway. I have used this and it is safe and not a virus or scam. It ONLY works from a computer--not a cell phone. And I think it only works from Windows computers (not Apples). If you like to frequent VRBO, this may be for you. It works on all Expedia owned sites, including the ones with hotels. This is all about booking direct! How this works is after you install it, anytime you are on the VRBO website it will show you the owner contact info instead of the useless 800 number to VRBO. By the way, VRBO employees know NOTHING about our properties. They read our ads and answer. If the answer isn't there, they just make something up. Save the phone call. Only an owner can answer specific questions not posted in the ad. (Duh!)

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