Policies & Regulations


We ask that all patrons familiarize themselves with and abide by the following policies and regulations to help us maintain the A-Frames in a good working condition.

Coast Guard Recreational Lodging facilities are open to all authorized MWR patrons. Active duty military members and their family have first priority and may reserve the A-frames up to 90 days out. All other authorized patrons may reserve the cabins up to 60 days out.

***Valid Government I.D. confirming MWR patron status required upon check-in***


Will be accepting reservations for all Military branches (Active Duty, Reservist, Retiree, and Veterans).The reservations will be accepted in a first come first serve bases. The calendar is open for the current and 3 months out. Reservation requests are not processed daily, they are processed within 72 hours of request; once the request is received, a confirmation email will be sent confirming your stay and payment. All reservation requests will be submitted through the automated system. No reservations will be taken over the phone. FULL payment is due at the time of Check-in.

Credit Card Disclaimer: Station Lake Tahoe is responsible for the security of cardholder data our website stores, process, or transmit on behalf of the customer.

Cancellation of Reservations

Email cancellations using our web based reservation system are the preferred method for cancelling a reservation. Station Lake Tahoe administers the A-Frame reservations and shall be notified immediately if the member will not be able to utilize the reservation. Notification must be made prior to TWO weeks (14 days) of the reservation date to receive a full standard rental rate refund minus the $25 processing fee. For less than TWO weeks (14 days) notification, there is a fifty percent (50%) standard rental rate cancellation fee. There will be NO refund for any reservations cancelled within 72 hours before check-in.

Patrons who fail to cancel their reservations and are a no show will forfeit their entire standard rental rate reservation fee. Failure to pay this fee will result in the patron being refused reservations in the future.

If cancellation is due to an emergency beyond the control of the member (i.e. military orders, illness, death in the immediate family) payment will be refunded without regard to the date; however, proof of the emergency is required (copy of orders, doctor’s slip, etc.).

Any reservation that is cancelled within 24 hours of initial online reservation request will not incur a processing fee. All other cancellations will incur a $25 booking fee charged to the credit card used to book the reservation.


See Cancellation Policy


Check-in time will be any time between 1500 - 2000 on the first day of the reservation. IF UNABLE TO ARRIVE BY 2000 due to emergency (weather, traffic conditions, accidents, etc,) notify the Officer of the Day at Station Lake Tahoe by dialing (530)583-4433. Any Check-ins after 2000 may incur a $10.00 late check in fee charged to the credit card used to book the reservation. It is your responsibility to plan accordingly and notify the station for any reason that prevents you from arriving by 2000. Failure to notify the station that you will arrive late may result in your reservation being cancelled. REQUESTS TO CHECK-IN AFTER 2000 MUST BE APPROVED BY THE MWR CUSTODIAN OR AFRAME COORDINATOR PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Requests to check-in after 2200 will not normally be approved and may require the guest to find other accommodations.


Check-out time will be 1000 on the last day of occupancy. You are not required to check out with a member of the station unless you request specifically to do so. Station will conduct a walk through after you check out to make sure there is no damage or missing items. If determined that there is damage the Aframe Coordinator will charge the sponsoring patrons card in accordance with the Damage Policy listed below.


Sponsors occupying A-frame units will be required to sign a check-in sheet concerning the condition of the unit they have rented. A cleaning company will clean the unit after each patron checks out, however, patrons are still required to the small list that is on the refrigerator. Failure to follow the list will be charged extra, due to the cleaning company will spend extra time cleaning the cabin. This is not a housekeeping service as they will not clean everyday during your stay. They will only clean when you check out from the unit. The booking fee $25 is part of the cleaning fee. This is a mandatory fee for all reservations made with Station Lake Tahoe's MWR Facility.


Pets are not allowed in the A-Frames. Service animals will be allowed with prior authorization with no additional fees. Any damage caused by the pet will be charged to the sponsor. If tenants are found to have a pet in the cabin, their reservation may be cancelled and any payments made will be forfeited and refuse future reservation requests.

Note: Any Pet or Smoke odor will result in a minimum cleaning fee of $250 charged to the credit card used during booking process.


Tobacco products are not allowed on Station or MWR grounds. Note: Any Pet or Smoke odor will result in a minimum cleaning fee of $250 charged to the credit card used during booking process.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, etc.) shall not be consumed outside of the grassy area in the immediate vacinity of the A-frame units. No alcohol shall pass beyond the parking area of the A-frame units.


All furnishings are the property of the United States Coast Guard and shall remain in the A-Frames. Any damages to the A-frame or furnished equipment through recklessness or negligence the sponsor will be responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement. All discrepancies will be reported to the OOD, Station Lake Tahoe.

Noise Level

Loud and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Be considerate of your neighbors. Transferring Occupancy

(I.e. giving your reservation to someone else). You may not transfer occupancy privileges. Occupancy will be by sponsor making the reservations and his/her guest. No occupancy will be permitted without the sponsor being one of the occupants. Occupying a unit by someone other than that assigned by Officer In Charge, Station Lake Tahoe is prohibited. Officer In Charge, Station Lake Tahoe, can only make reassignment.


Wifi is provided. You will receive the wifi password upon arrival. During your check in you will sign a wifi user’s agreement.

By signing this user agreement, you acknowledge all provisions and guidelines for the submission of reservations contained herein.

"I _______________________________ agree to reimburse, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the United States of America, the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, the Coast Guard MWR program, its agents and employees from all claims and causes of action that arise or may arise from my (our) use of the Coast Guard MWR equipment or facilities."

Annex to A-frame Instruction

A: No one night stays are authorized.

B:The one bedroom (upper level) units sleep 6 people. The 2 bedroom (lower level) units sleep 6 as well, however, they have the ability to sleep 8. Each additional person over the cabin's max occupancy will incur a $10 per night, per person charge.