Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there still Cabins in South Lake Tahoe? 

A: We no longer rent out the Condo's that were located in South Lake Tahoe. 

Q: When does the 90 days start for making reservations?

A: On the 1st of every month a new month opens up. Example: on May 1st the whole month of August opens up for reservations. It is impractical for the Aframe Coordinator to open every day individually throughout the month. 90 days in advance is for Active Duty members ONLY! 60 days in advance for all other eligible patrons. Example on May 1st the whole month of August opens up for reservations. 

Q: Are any of the A-Frame units handicap accessible? 

A: Unfortunately, the A-Frame units are not handicap accessible. (i.e. there is not elevator or wheel chair ramp). However service animals are permitted with prior approval.

Q: What does Lakeview and Forest view mean? 

A: We have renamed the cabins. The South cabin is now Lakeview (has a view of the lake, and is closer to the lake) and the North cabin is now Forest view (has a view of the forest). 

Q: How many people can stay in the cabins? 

A: The one bedroom (upper level) units sleep 6 people. The 2 bedroom (lower level) units sleep 6 as well, however, they have the ability to sleep 8. Each additional person over the cabin's max occupancy will incur a $10 per night, per person charge. 

Q: Can I rent out an entire A-Frame building (up stairs and down stairs) and/or both North and South A-Frame buildings? 

A: Yes, you are allowed to reserve any combination of units/A-Frame buildings, but if the dates that you are requesting are not available we will not be able to process your reservation. Please note that you must submit a request for each individual unit. 

Q: Is there internet provided and how is the cell phone reception/service? 

A: Yes Wifi is provided. You will be required to sign a wifi user agreement upon check in. Also there is cell phone reception in all of the A-frame units. 

Q: What's the earliest/latest that I can check-in or check-out? 

A: We will turn you away if you try to check in earlier than 1500. The latest you can check-in is at 2000 unless you contact the Stations OOD at (530) 583-4433 and get their prior approval. Please be aware that we might not be able to check you in or out right away if we have a Search and Rescue (SAR) case. Check out is any time before 1000. You are no longer required to check out with a station member unless you specifically request to do so. You are required to check out by 1000. A Station Member will be doing a walk through of your unit no later than 1030 to verify that you have left and that there is no damage. If everything is good you will hear nothing from the station. If there are any discrepencies you will be charged in accordance with the damage policy. If you check-out later than 1000, we will charge you an extra nights stay. 

Q: Are pets allowed? 

A:  Pets are NOT allowed in the A-Frames at any time. Service animals will be allowed with prior authorization with no additional fees. Any damage caused by the service animal or unauthorized pet will be charged to the sponsor. If tenants are found to have a pet in the cabin, their reservation may be cancelled and any payments made will be forfeited and refuse future reservation requests.


 Q: What will I need to bring with me such as linens, etc.? 

A: Kitchen has basic amenities. Linens and towels are provided. 

Q: Are there laundry facilities on base?

A: We do not provide laundry services. There is a laundry mat 10 minutes away in Carnelian Bay.

Q: Am I allowed to use the utensils for a picnic or the towels at a nearby beach? 

A: All Government property, no matter how small, that is located in the A-Frame unit shall not be removed from the unit it resides in currently. So for example, if you are going to the beach, please bring your own towels. Failure to follow this policy will result in being charged in accordance with the Damage Policy.

Q: Is the A-Frame units smoking or non-smoking? 

A: ALL Tobacco products are NOT allowed on Station or MWR grounds. 

Q: Is there a Cancellation Fee? 

A: Cancellations will incur a $25 processing fee. Please reference the Policies and Regulations page for cancellations and refunds.  

Q: Are we allowed to use the grass, play volleyball, horse shoes, or use the kayaks, etc. that are located on your base? 

A: Occupants are allowed to use the Station recreation field, horseshoe pits, and beach unless a command sponsored event is scheduled. No issued Station Morale gear will be available for use or checkout. The launching of inner tubes and kayaks is permitted from 01 May to 30 September from the beach. The Access to the beach is via a rock rip rap which is at times unstable. The Station and Coast Guard assume no liability for damage or injury resulting from the occupants beach use. Swimming is allowed from 01 May to 30 September. Occupants are prohibited from swimming under the pier and in vicinity of Station Search and Rescue assets. 


Guests are allowed, provided they are indicated on the reservation application. Guests need not be military members. Guests, however, must abide by all rules and regulations applicable to the sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for the behavior and conduct of their guests. At no time will guests be allowed on Station grounds, including the pier, without prior authorization or unless visiting the office for A frame related matters.


Q: Can I bring a boat, camper, U-Haul / Budget moving truck, trailer and park it on your base during my stay? 

A: We do not allow additional parking for anything other than cars, trucks, vans, etc. If you are traveling via motorcycle, you are allowed to have as many motorcycles that are able to fit into your assigned parking lots. 2 bedroom units are assigned two parking spots, and 1 bedroom units are assigned one parking spot.  

Q: If I have a boat, where can I launch it and leave it over night? 

A: There is a boat launch next to our base that is operated by the Tahoe City Public Utility District. Please contact them for any questions at (530) 583-3796. 

Q: Can I bring three vehicles and use up the entire parking space if I reserve an entire A-Frame unit both upstairs and down stairs? 

A: Yes, if you are reserving an entire A-Frame building, you are allowed to bring a maximum of 3 vehicles. 

Q: Is there additional parking elsewhere on or off base? 

A: Yes and no. We have a Public Pier next door with a large parking lot. However, you will have to contact them directly to see what their overnight/storage policy is. (530) 583-3796

Q: Is there anywhere that I can find out about Activities to do around the Lake?

A: Please contact the Tahoe City Visitor Center. They will be able to answer any questions that you might have. Also there is a binder in your cabin that has some activity information as well. 

Q: Can I make a reservation and stay at the A-Frames if I am a Widow?  

A: Yes, as long as you have a current and valid Military/Government ID you are allowed to stay at our A-Frames. 

Q: Am I allowed to make a reservation if I am an Auxiliarists? 

A: Yes, Auxiliarists are authorized patrons. 

Q: I am a Government Civilian Employee on Pay Schedule, am I allowed to stay at the A-Frames? 

A: Yes, you are allowed to make an A-Frame reservations. Government Contracted Employees are not allowed to stay at the A-Frames.