FAQ New Renters

FAQ New Renters

Q: Who is qualified to rent the lighthouse?

A: Any military member who is Active duty, AUX, Guard, Reserve, Retired Military branch or Veteran with VHIC, and Public Health Officers.  

People who have retired from the military and have a government ID card stating they have MWR privileges.  Married widows who also still have MWR privileges. 

Retired must be retired from a military service.   

We serve ALL military branches: USCG, USAF, USSF, USA, USM, USN and USSF.  

**Update:  As of 1 Jan 2020 military veterans with a valid Veteran Health ID Card (VHIC) issued from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The VHIC must display “Service Connected” below the photo on front of the card. 

**Your VHIC is your responsibility to provide, no other ID cards will be accepted.**

Q: How do I make reservations? 

A: Online, on this site. You will need to make ALL reservations online through the website. 

Q: Can I pay in cash?  

A: No. We process credit cards through the web site, no cash is accepted. 

Q: I’m retired/Guard/Reserve and can book 120 days out, BUT the website lets me book 180 days...so that’s ok to book further out, right?

A: NO. We ask people to use the honor system when booking and only book what they are permitted. Active duty has priority with booking so they can book 180 out from the current date. Guard, Reservist, Retired, Dependents or other qualitied MWR patrons can only book 120 out.

Our site only opens up 180 days out, from the current date. 

Q: Can I bring civilian friends, family and my dog?

A: Yes, Yes and Yes! The member making the reservations and signing for the keys is responsible for all their friends and family staying with them...including their pets. 

ALL poop needs to be picked up and thrown in dumpster ASAP.  If dog poop is found after your stay...you will be charged and possibly denied further rental privileges.  ALL dogs must be on a leash when outside.  

Q: Can I book more than one unit at Two Rivers for extra family and friends?

A: Yes. The military member making the reservations and signing for the keys is responsible for all friends and family staying with them on the property. All three Rawley Point units can be rented by the same veteran, at the same time. 

Q: Can we have a late check-out?

A: NO. We don’t have multiple rooms like a hotel to move guest around, so the next person checking-in will need the keys at 1300 hrs.  

Q: If I’m renting a unit at Two Rivers, do I have to return the keys at Sheboygan? We’re traveling the opposite direction and it’s out of our way.

A: YES, and by noon on the day you check-out. Again, the people checking-in next will be expecting the keys to be at Sheboygan and on time.  Milwaukee now has a key pick-up and return option.  You must coordinate a week prior to use Milwaukee and always return the key where you signed it out. 

Q: Do you have/take coupons?

A: No. 

Q: I called and emailed but nobody answered me until 2-4 days later, why?

A: Both people who manage the reservations are active USCG members, and the lighthouse positions are a collateral volunteer position. A lot of times we check the emails, charge rentals, confirm or decline reservations when we have a break from our primary duty. We do not have email capability during weekends when we are off. We will get back to any questions within 72 hrs. We also observe Government holidays. 

Q: Can I book only one day?

A: Unfortunately, NO. When we have an open day, we use it for general walkthroughs and take the day for maintenance.

Q: I would like to donate our linens/towels/pillows, is that ok?

A: NO.  All linens/towels/pillows/blankets will need to be taken when you leave. We greatly appreciate the offer, but we do not have the staffing to make sure donated items are cleaned properly. Any leftover items will be thrown out. (Linens = Sheets)

Q: What size linens will I need? For now each unit fits 8 people each. 

Unit A: 3 queen beds, 2 twin beds. 

Unit B/C: 2 Queen beds (one is a pull out couch) and 4 twins. 

Sherwood Point: 1 queen, 5 twin beds. 

***Bring all your own bedding/linen.  **Bed sheets, bedspreads, pillows, towels**

**Please watch for changes on the size and number of beds...we'll have changes coming up!

Q: How is the kitchen stocked?

A: All units have dishes, silverware, pot & pans, 12 cup coffee maker (basket type filter), stove and microwave, refrigerator. 

Q: Are any of the units handicap friendly?

A: No, but Sherwood Point and Rawley Point B only have 4-5 steps to enter into each unit.  Sherwood Point also has multiple stairs from the kitchen to the living area. 

Q: I have family and friends coming in from another state and want to make sure I get the dates they visit, it’s for a “very special” family event. Can I book early?

A: Unfortunately, no, we have to stick to the required days of 120/180 day out. Each week we hear of “special” events/situations, and we cannot confirm, or pick and choose who gets preference. We have to keep it fair, so it's "first come-first served". 

Q: We have family traveling and they would like to park their RV in the parking lot, is that ok?

A: Yes, they can park in the parking lot if they are staying/sleeping in the unit with you. No camping on the lighthouse grounds. ABSOLUTELY NO PLUGGING IN RV’s TO ANY GOVERNMENT FACILITIES. 

Q: Can I launch a motorboat from the grounds.

A: No. Sherwood Point is located on a ridge with no beach access. Rawley Point is on the beach, but we do not have a ramp and we do not authorize any motorboats being launched. 

Q: Can I make reservations to stay in the lighthouse if I am a widow and/or dependent?

A: Yes, as long as you have a current and valid military/government ID Card, you can book 120 days out. 

Q: Do I pay park entrance for the Rawley Point units?

A: No. Just let the park attendant know that you are with the lighthouse and entrance is free. 

Q: Do the units have Wi-Fi, cable and cell phone reception?

A: We only have Wi-Fi at Sherwin Point Lighthouse, not Rawley Point.  We also do not supply cable, but we do have DVR’s with the TV’s. Depending on the unit’s location, some TV’s pick up local stations. Not all cell phone carriers work at the lighthouses. But we do provide a landline phone in case of emergency. The lighthouses are a great place to unplug and relax. 

Q: I forgot to turn in my Cottage Survey, how do I get it to you?

A: You are more than welcome to email us the write-ups from the email link provided on the website. We are currently remodeling and upgrading the units and appreciate the feedback. 


Q: Do the units have AC?

A: Rawley Point units are equipped with ceiling fans to circulate air, and Sherwood Point has portable AC units.  

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We are military, so we understand when last minute TDYs pop-up or family emergencies.  We would just appreciate a 2 week notice so we can re-rent the unit.  If you forget you have a reservation, and we charge you...we do not refund.  Anyone over booking and constantly cancelling will lose their rental privileges.

Q: Why can't we pick up keys at USCG Two Rivers Station?

A: Two Rivers Station changed missions and now the station isn't manned 24-7 like they use to be.  They have less people, and they aren't always at the station.  Station Sheboygan is the closest station who could turn over the keys.  


-The person booking has to be the same person on the credit card. 

-We prefer to communicate through email, so we have a history of issues/comments. Please don’t leave messages about booking and what dates are open…it’s all on this site. 

-Previous military status does not transfer over to new request, so if we don’t recognize your name...your request will be cancelled. This helps elevate possible missed request and keeps the web site up to date as much as possible.